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Texans With No Health Insurance & the American Health Plan For Uninsured Americans

The number of Texans that exist without health insurance protection is a true disgrace. Most people would rally around the idea that every USA citizen should have individual health insurance, as a assumed privilege and right, yet I am not so definite on how we should fund this policy for those who cannot afford it or, should we even honor this plan for non citizens. I am a taxpayer, concerned citizen and Texan. I should qualify as one who has doubts and concerns about the effect of a national health care plan on my future financials. I may want to retire one day, or draw on my medicare. Will there be benefits for Americans after we have paid for this plan for years. I’m not so sure!Recently many of us have taken a tremendous hit in our savings, and unless you have a pot of gold and a rainbow you may not weather many more blows like the one we have endured. Some of the fears I have are based on the staggering numbers of uninsured residents, largely because of immigration, which makes this very difficult to figure out.Texas has roughly 28% of its residents between 0-64 that are uninsured and 21% under the age of 17 uninsured. Many of which are without medical insurance, dental insurance, vision benefits & therapy and psychological treatment. Even if they could afford it, many either don’t understand health insurance quotes or don’t have the right person to point them to the proper health insurance information. Affordable health insurance has very little value to people with no means to find it. This situation is huge financially and even more so physically to those who have no medical insurance. Who has the answer and who will pay for it? The government says we can pay for it, but; where will the money come from?On June 16 2009 the congressional committee on oversight & investigations received statements from financial types on ways to safeguard the us from insurance companies that use willy nilly practices and in turn jeopardize our American financial markets. The senate is currently working hard creating legislation to realize the president’s promise of a national health insurance plan to provide health insurance coverage for our people.Will we come up with a health care plan with a gash in the bottom of it? There are two major hidden issues that have to be fixed in order for Americans to completely buy into and support this legislation; they are spiraling medical costs and illegal immigration, who; if anyone; is working on a plan to tighten our borders and create an update immigrant policy that reveals our current picture more fully.The Texas health insurance problems are insignificant in comparison to our enormous national health care scenario and possible budget to finance this national health care solution. The coverage hypothetically will work with private insurers and compete with them in price, as well as cover all uninsurable as well as fit into the work place along with employer sponsored group insurance. That is interesting, does anyone her know why group health insurance is so expensive now? The true cost in a country is people who do not support the values of its system in every way.Our older Americans have worked hard for numerous years to secure all of the benefits they receive and rightfully deserve. I am talking about those who are receiving support and those who will benefit and never have paid. You will pay for it, especially if you are wealthy financially. Along with the benefits there should also be support and giving into the system by all who benefit. I believe that no uninsured Americans and particularly Texans without insurance should be unnoticed, but, who will pay for this machine??Don’t leave our futures in the control of the political machine. Whatever your views are you should tell your congressman how you feel. No child should be uninsured nor should any of our elderly citizens be without daily attention and the love of other Americans. Live for success, stand for something and believe.